The "Knows", as described in the Tresses of Nephthys section, is information passed to me by my Guide or others who have crossed over. 

Before Birth


About a decade before we are born, we pick our new lives. We go through the process of changing from our previous character into a new one. Who we become and who we are born to is mostly up to us but also depends somewhat on the life timelines chosen by the people who will be our parents. Souls travel from life to life in groups, and every soul on the planet is connected within 6 degrees, or a group of scientists is hoping to prove, but I do think this is true, maybe not 6 exactly, but very close. Yes, the Kevin Bacon game is real and global.

During this time, we work very hard to design our new lives, for the good and the bad. Not every second of every day, but the major life points, and the friends we will have,when major people in your life will enter and exit your life.  Shakespeak said, "All the world's a stage." Yes, very much so. Everything we do, for good or for bad, is meant to happen. We are meant to be effected, and meant to effect others. We may not understand it when it happens; when a life is cut short; a child molested--but the events of our lives were written many years ago.

There are checks and balances though.We do not design our lives alone. We are guided by our guide spirits and elder spirits. There are actually spirits who's job it is to assist us with designing our lives. We cannot design lives that are impossibly hard. Hard, difficult, painful to the point of breaking, but it can never be unbearable. We can never be killed by life itself.

We in fact all have jobs on the Other Side, and here in life as well. How we receive these jobs I will get to in an entry called "After Death". But back to how we choose our parents. Since the people within our spiritual circle that have been born before us have their life plans already set, all we have to do is align our birth date with the date that those people have chosen to become parents. 

Several years before we are born, we assume our new appearance, and come under the care of spirits who's jobs are to take care of children about to be born. These spirits are called Mentors and they watch over us as we absorb our new identities and the information we need to make the transition fromthere to here. In this phase, we are assigned a Spirit Guide, one spirit (who must have reached a certain level of evolution) who is ours and ours alone, who's job it is to stand by your side throughout your entire life.  We are also assigned lesser Guides, but these are not exclusive to us. They have particular tasks, and sometimes function like muses, inspiring random sparks of genius.  Sometimes, especially by a particularly powerful soul, we may choose to appear to our future parents, or at least work with your Mentor, your guide and your parents' guides to ensure that the events in their lives coincide with your birth. It doesn't always work that way, as I will discuss.  Human will sometimes has a tendency to override the plan.

Very shortly before we are born, we goin to what I like to call the coocoon phase. We assume our form as ababy, and our main goal is—the closest analogy I can give is like downloading a new operating system on your computer—to absorb all the information we will need to take with us into birth. The idea ofour minds being born as a blank slate is only half correct. Imagine an old-fashioned chalkboard, the kind on the stand that could flip over. Now imagine the front, the conscience mind, is completely blank. Now flip the chalkboard over. This is our subconscience mind, and the chalkboard is filled margin to margin with the information ofo ur current lives and even our past lives. In the coocoon phase, we have the ability to assess our lives and make the decision whether this is in fact what we want to do or not. This is where the miscarriage comes in. It is a soul deciding that they are not ready,because the life they have chosen is too hard, or it simply isn't theright time for them.

For aborted babies, I don't think this applies. Much like suicide, its unnatural, and a person that dies unnaturally must scramble to put things in their right order, as now they will not be born on the planned date, and thus will not be around to have the links in their life line to fall into place. The older the person was in life, the less links there are to reset, as most have been accomplished. That's why I don't believe assisted suicide is terrible, but abortion is a shame. There are some instances where I think abortion may be an option, where a child will be born with a crippling illness, where I believe the soul themselves will have eventually chosen to turn around.

This ability to stop and recalculate actually lasts somewhat after birth. How long, I'm not particularly positive. I believe it is up to 1 year.


Life's Duties

The funny thing is, I'm fascinated by living people--their actions, thoughts, motivations-- though I never claim to be an expert.  That I reserve for the Other Side, because it is much simpler.  They are at peace, they are not trying to step on each other, climb corporate ladders, impress, schmooze, or any other adjective you could think to insert here. They simply are.  And it is beautiful.  But our souls cross the line from there to here for a simple purpose: to evolve.  Think of it like a video game. To advance to certain levels, you have to collect certain items, complete tasks, and build things. Art comes from life and thus sometimes life is similar to art.

Our life consists of many loops, like chains, but not like a simple single-linking chain. The links in our chain sometimes have multiple loops linking to one link, a length of the chain connects and a few loops down reconnects to the same chain.  Its impossible with the limitations of our physical brain to understand it all, but I assure you it is all very well designed.  And though our human free will can override the constraints of these chains, it is the job of our guides to make sure that the events critical to our own personal timelines occur. It may be something as silly as getting stuck at a red light, so that you arrive at your destination, lets say, the grocery store, and because of that, you happen to be checking out at the same time as a friend you haven't seen in 10 years.  If you had made the green light, you may have missed them. 

We are all meant to have these connections, whether they are good or bad.  They are all part of our evolution.  If you have the most fun, wonderful, easy life, you probably aren't going very far.  Our lives need to have a degree of difficulty, and it is up to us whether we learn from our missteps and mistakes to better ourselves and to help others. 

Those like myself are pulling double duty as we assist the recently (or occasionally not so recently) departed.  It not anything I just got into doing. After many years of doing very high school things like seances and using the Ouiga board, as well as meditations, I realized that something I had no problem with a child, the ability to hear the voices of the dead, was coming back to me.  I was 19 years-old, and at a low, depressed point in my life.  I felt like I'd fallen asleep in a busy restaurant, voices all around, chatting at a low murmur, though I couldn't understand any of it. I wasn't sure what I'd stepped into.  Two years later, a friend from high school passed away. I hadn't seen him since shortly after high school. We weren't even what I'd think of as good friends. We were friends. And yet I was deeply effected. I couldn't imagine how someone I thought was so great hated himself so much.  I had heard from multiple sources that he'd committed suicide, by intentional heroin overdose, though as I write this I can feel his protests, and his insistence that I understand it wasn't suicide per say, but more that he didn't care if he died. Suicide by apathy.

He has been by my side for years. In fact, I think I talk to him more now then I did when he was alive.  He has visited me in dreams more times then I can count. We have had very long drawn out discussions. He has told me a lot, which I will elaborate on in my next entry "after death". One thing I have learned that among those murmurs there is one voice usually calling for help, and if you can identify the one clear voice, the others will get in line and take their turn.

But even if you aren't like me, know this: you can always speak to your guides and your relatives and friends who have gone to the Other Side. It does not take any special ability, and even if you cannot hear them outright, you can feel them and they will find a way to let you know that they are with you.  Don't spend all your time looking for little clues, because their signs are very obvious.  It could be the whiff of your grandmother's perfume, or a dream.  We just have to be open to accepting them for what they are: gifts that we should be grateful for.

The goal is that by the time we cross over, we have accomplished what we were destined to accomplish, we have affected, we have been affected, and most importantly, we go with love in our hearts so that we may continue our work on the Other Side.


After Death

This entry will probably be my most controversial, due to the fact that every world religion has an opinion on what happens when we die. Everyone has grown up having studied some doctrine that told them something, whether it was that good people go to Heaven and bad people to Hell, or that we reincarnate into a cat or something. Not to sound trite, but that isn't really how it goes. How could I have it right and all the world's major religions have it wrong? Maybe it's because they too busy philosophizing about what it could be instead of listening to find out how it really is. I was, and got it straight from the horse's mouth, so-to-speak. Yes, my dead friend, who has set me straight on a lot of things.

Our body is a container, and what keeps our souls attached to the container are the electrical impulses that surge between the brain and the rest of the parts of the body through the nervous system. The electricity created by this form a shield around us like a force field, this is called the Aura. The Aura is our first line of defense, the way our skin is the first line of defense in our immune system as well as injury, the Aura protects us from negative energies. If we do something to ourselves to disrupt electrical impulses that supply the energy flow necessary to maintain the Aura, such as binge drinking and doing drugs, then we risk putting gaps into our shield, allowing negative energy in.  The Aura can be repaired, but it takes a lot of work, and its simply easier to let it be whole rather than having to go back and make repairs.

Once the brain dies and is no longer supplying electricity that make functions such as heartbeat and breathing happen, then our soul is no longer attached to the body. In the case of near-death experiences, a soul is released from the body prematurely according to their time line, and must be forced to reattach to the physical body, the soul container.

If it is the person's time to go, the soul will become dettached and like a whisp of smoke be released into the atmosphere. This is where the journey gets critical.

Between the sentient Earth, the planet we all know and see, and the Other Side, there is a gap. This is called the Threshold, literally the door way between here and there. Between us and that threshold is a membrane. A solid separation between the two, for lack of a better term, dimensions. This is very critical because this is how Ghosts happen. When a soul, newly dettached from its container, travels to the Other Side, they must find the portal/doorway/what have you, to get over there. This often requires them to be met by their Guides and most likely, the spirits of relatives and friends that have predeceased them. The tunnel of light people have seen in near-death experiences.

If the soul, at a critical point, possibly due to sudden death, or tragedy, may for some reason, whether it is unfinished business, revenge, loneliness, wanting or searching for something, whatever it is, may find reason to back pedal before they reach the tunnel where they would meet with their Guides and crossover. This is how they get stuck and become Ghosts.

I will get into detail about my feelings about Ghosts and how they are treated by living people in a future blog entry. But I will say I would be incredibly sad if I knew that someone I loved and cared for did not cross over and instead, were stuck in one house or attached to one person, with no freedom, existing in a loop of the events of their lives, and not at peace.

After we make it through the tunnel, having been greeted by our loved ones, we must be processed. Much like the idea of the Pearly Gates, but has nothing to do with being judged. We are led to spirits who's jobs are to assign us jobs. This has much to do with who we were in life, whether we are parents, teachers, scientists, etc., and also to do with our level of spirit evolution we have reached before we got there. What level you are on depends on how many times you have lived (reincarnated), what you did during your previous times on the Other Side, and what goals you would like to attain. For example, my friend says he lands airplanes.  Don't ask me exactly what that means. Whether he is a minor guideworking with pilots in distress, I don't know. That's just what he says.

On Earth, we can assist this process.  Some people choose to pray for the soul of the deceased person, while someone like myself may ask one of my guides or loved ones on the Other Side to assist the newly crossed soul. Either way, it works.

From there we do our jobs, we watch over our loved ones, all until the next time we decide to come back around, assume a new identity, and live another life.

As far as evolution is concerned, how far you can evolve at what happens when you cannot evolve any longer. The Buddhists have Nirvana, which I'm sure is part of it, but can't believe is the whole of it. I have my thoughts and hypotheses about how this could be, but until I learn otherwise, they will continue to be just that, ideas.