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About Tresses of Nephthys

Welcome to Tresses of Nephthys

As a preschooler, I saw my first apparition, the silhouette of a woman standing in the kitchen of our family home.  A little older, I noticed funny things happening, pictures being moved, dolls disappearing and reappearing months later in a spot I would have never put them.  These weren't malicious acts. They were the acts of the spirit of three children, two girls and a boy, who I believe died in a fire.

When our family moved to a new town, my three little friends followed me, but soon disappeared, possibly back to the house and neighborhood they had started from. In high school, wishing to know as much as I could about the world as teenagers sometimes do, I sought the truth in the world's religions, and also in witch craft. After all, I knew I'd been born with a special connection to those who had crossed.

It was the late 90's and Y2K was looming. Many people believed airplanes would fall from the sky on New Years Day 2000.  1999, 999 in particular, is an upside-down 666, the mark of Satan, and it was possibly the last year on Earth.  I wanted to know more, of course, and thought I would find my answer in the Book of Revelation. I found an answer that struck me to the core.  There was a list of people, who, for all intents and purposes, had a 1-way ticket to Hell. On that list--those who'd dabbled in Witch Craft, AKA me.

With that I threw myself into what I thought was my religion, Roman Catholicism, and went to church every week, prayed the Rosary every night and read the Bible. Somehow it wasn't enough.  I started to believe that I had to live a near-Puritan life, and actually considered at one time becoming a nun. Me--a nun? Well that was a different place and time.

I still felt this wasn't enough and needed to know more and more about our universe and our place in it, and once I started to find inconsistencies in the doctrines of Christianity, so again I found myself researching Buddhism, Wicca and the Church of Satan. And before you freak out about Satanism, please remember that Satanists, at least Anton LaVey's Church of Satan do not actually worship nor even believe in Satan. I don't necessarily know why LaVey chose that name, other than the fact that he really enjoyed the scandal that it brought to him and his organization.

From this I started to put together some philosophies. Some adopted from the world's religions and some that I have from simply living life.

The word "philosophies" though is something I need to define for the purposes of my blog.  For me, and in what I do.  Philosophy in my mind refers to how we relate to each other, living people, and the things that happen in our daily lives. Some of these philosophies can be summed up in anecdotes, quotes, slogans, and mottoes. It can come in the form of Vegetarianism, Veganism, or other non-religious ways that someone may live their life by. Key word=LIFE.

This brings me to define some other important terms in regards to the information on this website.

Ideas: Ideas are the hypothesis, the original question. When you seek to know something, you ask, but before you find out, you may have a "good idea" what the answer already is.

Opinion: Opinions are beyond ideas and are basically beliefs that haven't been completely formed yet. Opinions are easily made, easily shaped, and easily changed. Believe me, I have plenty of opinions and will let you know whether or not what I'm saying is my opinion.

Beliefs: Beliefs come from some long-standing learning, something you may have been taught your whole life, or a deep-seeded opinion. Whatever your belief(s), they are not as easy to change, though they may evolve throughout time.

Evolution: besides the Darwinian definition, or even the term you will see me use in regards to the growth of the soul, to evolve your ideas, opinions or beliefs is less dramatic than a change, more of an adaptation. When something new "just makes sense to you" you may choose to adapt this new idea/philosophy into your beliefs, thus, evolving.

The Knows: This is my personally invented term for the things I know without a shadow of a doubt, things I didn't learn from a book, magazine, website or even heard from a friend. This are the things I've bore witness to and have had proof of time and time again.

In the last few years, my work has concentrated on helping distressed spirits cross over. It's not a full time thing for me, I don't get paid for it. It is literally my life's work. What I am meant to do in this lifetime. I receive special cases, those who have passed suddenly. Of course I can't take all the credit. I do receive tremendous amounts of help from my spirit guide and a friend that passed on a few years ago, from whom I will pass on to you some of the things he has told me in subsequent blog entries. 

So please read my words with an open heart and an open mind.  Take them for what their worth, my attempt to educate, advise, enlighten and provoke.  Feel free to comment, even debate, but please I ask you not to discount me simply because you have been taught differently.  Also, check out the "My Story" section, stories that come from YOU, Tresses of Nephthys readers.


About Our Name

In Egyptian mythology, Nephthys was the twin sister of the goddess Isis. She represented divine assistance and protective guardianship, and the transition of death, just as Isis represented the transition of birth. The tresses of Nephthys refer to the linens that wrapped the bodies of the dead pharaohs, but rather then being viewed as bonds, they were viewed more similarly to the chrysalis of a butterfly, restraints as well as protection, from which the person would eventually break away from.  Read more about her at: